Charro Caviar Tostada

Charro Caviar Tostada

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Step 1

In a medium bowl, combine the jalapeño pickling brine with olive oil, honey, lime juice, cilantro, oregano, salt and pepper, and whisk until fully empulsified.

Step 2

Incorporate the diced pickled jalapeños, pinto and black beans, grape tomatoes, orange and yellow bell peppers and scallions. Toss well.

Step 3

Let it sit and marinate anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours before serving. If letting it sit more than an hour, cover and refrigerate. 

Step 4

Serve on corn tostadas and crown with slices of ripe avocado and crumbled queso fresco or Cotija cheese



Pati jinich

Born and raised in Mexico City, Pati is host of the 3x James Beard Award-winning PBS television series “Pati’s Mexican Table” and the PBS primetime docuseries “La Frontera.” She is resident chef at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, D.C., and a cookbook author.