See how three bloggers use Jalapeño Peppers in new ways and get great tips for making them.

Originally cultivated in Xalapa, Veracruz, the jalapeño is a green pepper variety that is aromatic, with a bold flavor that creates a faithful following. It has even become a pantry staple in many north American homes. Beyond using it diced for the classic ‘salsa bandera’, sliced for traditional tamales filling or eating it whole when you’re feeling brave, this Mexican classic has gained new uses and fusions.

See how three bloggers use whole, diced and nacho style jalapeños in not so traditional ways so you can add these original ideas to your repertoire. Also, see a few tips so you can prepare these recipes in a convenient way while preserving their traditional flavor. Take note:

Whole jalapeños for an appetizer

The very entertaining video-blogger Gus Figueroa, known to his fans as El Guzii, slices whole jalapeño peppers in half, deveins, and deseeds them. He then stuffs them with an American classic: creamy chicken salad. He tops the stuffed jalapeños with cheese and places them in the oven at 350° F for 10 minutes. “I make this every time I have friends over”, says El Guzzi. He suggests serving them on a platter as an appetizer.

Tip: Buy Jalapeño peppers according to your number of guests. La Costeña Whole Jalapeños come in 7 oz, 12 oz, 26 oz, and up to 6 lbs sizes so you can buy just the amount you need.

Diced jalapeños for any main dish

The passionate blogger Maggie Unzueta from In Mama Maggie’s Kitchen tells us that today her ‘abuelita’ would enjoy her jalapeño inspired dishes. Like Maggie’s Jalapeño Fish Pasta: just add a bit of diced jalapeño and onions to the fish while cooking it and then break the fish up in the pan. Add this to your favorite pasta. You can do this with any type of dish to give it a delicious spicy flavor. “Life without spice is just no nice”, claims the blogger.

Tip: To save time and maintain a good flavor, use Diced Jalapeño Peppers from La Costeña, they’re finely cut and ready to serve.

Nacho style jalapeños for drinks

Fernanda Loaiza from the party ideas blog Pera Chapita shares how to make and decorate virgin Pineapple-Jalapeño Margaritas: “I like the convenience of products that we already have at home to create new and delicious things”. She makes Margaritas in a cocktail shaker with a lot of ice, Jumex Pineapple Nectar, lemon juice, and a bit of honey. Before serving, muddle a couple of jalapeño rounds in a salt-rimmed glass. To decorate take a few more jalapeño rounds and let them float. Like the blogger says: “This gives a spicy twist to the traditional Margarita and gives it a nice look.”

Tip: Nacho Style Jalapeño Peppers from la Costeña come in perfectly cut rounds for this or any other type of decoration on your dishes and drinks. Depending on the amount you need, you can buy them in 7 oz, 12 oz, 26 oz, and up to 6 lbs sizes.

We want to know! Tell us about your original ways of using Jalapeño Peppers.

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