Three bloggers and experts in Mexican cooking tell us how to make mole and how to adapt this truly traditional recipe

Not all recipes can boast about having a history so deeply rooted within a culture. Mole is one of the most ancient dishes in Mexico. From being a star dish at Aztec emperors’ tables to a beloved traditional dish on every Mexican table today. And just as it is rich in culture, it is also rich in variety and flavor. Mole is an exquisite sauce that is 100% adaptable to the unique taste of each person that makes it.

We asked three bloggers and experts in Mexican cooking how they prepare mole and adapt it to make it unique to their family’s taste. Look at their answers and take notes.

Mole that makes you long for grandma


When the passionate blogger of La Vitamina T craves the delicious mole that her grandmother used to make, and like she told us: “…when I don’t have 15 hours to spend on the ritual of preparing mole,” she quickly looks in her pantry for a ready-made mole sauce and some chicken stock to make enchiladas. In no time she can enjoy the same homemade taste of her grandmother’s mole. Her additional touch: toasted sesame seeds, peanuts, and traditional Mexican chocolate.

Mole with everything


As an expert in homemade Mexican food, the creator of Mexico in My Kitchen teaches us about the great versatility of mole. “Even though mole is traditionally prepared with turkey, today people make it with chicken, pork, shrimp with nopales, and even with hard boiled eggs. If you have leftover sauce you can make enmoladas, chilaquiles, and mole casserole.” And the list goes on, keep taking notes: “Mole also makes a great stuffing for tamales, empanadas and even sandwiches.” And to start the day right, this blogger suggests the famous eggs in mole sauce. Mely definitely challenges us to add the endless versions of mole to our recipe book.

Mole to celebrate


At the house of the successful blogger of Not Just Baked, they like to eat traditional mole from Oaxaca on special occasions. “I love mole, we make it all the time, especially for birthday dinners!” Fabiola suggests making it with chicken stock, and 85% cacao chocolate. “Depending on the acidic notes in the mole, I add sugar cane.” And her favorite way of serving it is with shredded chicken over a bed of hot rice and fresh-made tortillas. “It makes my whole family happy and feel like they’re home in Mexico.”

These knowledgeable food bloggers made us hungry for mole! Now we want to hear from you. How do you make mole unique for your family?

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