Discover this flavorful Nopalitos Rellenos recipe. This stuffed nopalito is combined with La Costeña Mole sauce making a perfect meal ideal for your family. Nopales are low calorie vegetables that are also rich in fiber, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals and are an excellent weight loss option. They contain small amounts of minerals, especially calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. Panela cheese is a low fat cheese that is rich in protein and pairs excellently with most foods or can be enjoyed on its own as a fried cheese. Nopalitos Rellenos are usually served as an appetizer leading to larger meals. This is a simple and easy to prepare meal that is perfect as we get to the end of the Lent season.


  • 12 nopalitos (tender cactus leaves, cleaned
  • 5 oz. sliced panela cheese
  • 3 Tbsp. flour
  • 3 eggs, separated, the whites stiffly beaten
  • 1 jar La Costena mole
  • Prepared chicken stock


Griddle nopalitos to soften them. Place a slice of cheese on each one, roll up and fasten with a toothpick Griddle nopalitos untilsoft Place a slice of cheese on each one,roll up and fasten with a tooth­ pick. Dredge in flour.Fold egg yolks gradually into the stiffly beaten whites, one by one. Dip cactus rolls in the beaten egg and fry In very hot oil. Drain. Dilute mole with the chicken stock and heat,stirring until sauce thickens. Add stuffed nopalitos and bring to a boil again. Serve immediately.


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